Renard Cycles
Renard Cycles
In 1938, Estonian entrepreneur J. Laan founded a
motorized bicycle manufacturer in the capital city of
Tallinn and called it Renard Cycles.

Renard is French for “fox”, and a fox’s head formed the original Renard logo. The first Renards were simple pipe-frame motorized bicycles, equipped with a 98cc Sachs engine. Renards were visually similar to their contemporary, a motorcycle called the Wanderer, although some of the components had a different look; the frame, mudguards and petrol tank were painted black and decorated with gold stripes.

In the devastating bombing campaign of March 1944, the factory received a direct hit and was completely destroyed. No complete pre-war Renard motorized bicycle exists today, although frame no. 2 from 1938 has survived.

In 2008, a group of Estonian entrepreneurs, designers and racing engineers joined forces to revive the Renard brand. The company’s vision is to restore the Estonian motorcycle industry, which was interrupted by World War II.

In April of 2010, the first “modern” prototype was successfully unveiled at the Hanover Technology Fair – the Renard Grand Tourer – and will go into production next year.