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Renard R100 is a reimagined Bmw R100 - it is our interpretation of a timeless & no compromise single seater. It combines timeless looks with modern techniques & manufacturing methods to convoke into something truly exceptional and one of a kind.

The Renard R100 was designed to offer exceptional riding comfort, safety, and performance within a carefully crafted package. Incorporating the latest technical methods such as CNC milling, 3D scanning, and printing, the production of a Renard R100 single-seater exemplifies cutting-edge manufacturing.

With uncompromising attention to detail, the handling, brakes, and suspension of the R100 are optimized to deliver a unique and exhilarating riding experience. In urban environments, the Renard R100 excels with its easy maneuverability and comfortable riding position, which minimizes strain on the wrists. The engine's torque delivery at low revs reduces the need for frequent gear changes, while its subdued noise level is well-suited to city settings.

On winding mountain roads, the Renard R100 truly shines. The boxer engine enhances cornering dynamics by harnessing the rotating mass of the engine along the direction of travel. With a 17-liter fuel tank providing ample range for cruising distances, and the wind deflector in front of the instrument cluster effectively reducing wind buffeting, riders are ensured a smooth and enjoyable ride at speed.

Uncompromising quality and attention to details

We touch and perfect every inch, nut and bolt of the R100 and turn it into something that is more than the sum of its parts. The Renard R100 frame, suspension, and swing arm have undergone rigorous laboratory stress tests, simulating conditions equivalent to up to 200,000 kilometers of road use. Our aluminum fuel tank has undergone extensive pressure testing and is certified for street use, ensuring durability and safety. The custom exhaust system of the Renard R100, featuring an in-house designed pre-chamber, complies with noise regulations and is fully street legal, even when paired with our tuned 80hp engine.

Built in accordance with EU standards and regulations, the Renard R100 provides customers with a reliable and compliant ride. In our design process, we prioritized ease of maintenance, ensuring that the bike can be serviced by any BMW airhead specialist without the need for specialized skills.

Engine & Electronics

Renard R100, 1000cc engine offers smooth and powerful riding performance and giant torque straight from the low revs. Approximately 80 HP and 95 Nm torque guarantees lots of fun and a brisk pace. The engine upgrade is optional, bike's can also be ordered with stock engine.
The classical-looking Smiths digital head units offer riders ultimate comfort and visibility, while the relay and fuse-free electrical system enhances reliability. This system allows seamless connectivity with your mobile phone, enabling you to monitor the bike's status remotely if needed. Additionally, a 410W generator ensures sufficient power for lighting, smartphone charging, or navigation units. However, the R100 is equally adept at delivering a pure, analog riding experience, functioning flawlessly without the need for modern gadgets.

Chassis & ergonomics

The Renard R100 is engineered for extended rides, with careful consideration given to saddle, handlebar, and foot peg geometry. Foot pegs are strategically positioned low and forward near the engine, allowing for optimal weight distribution, while the handlebar is elevated and brought close to the rider to minimize strain on the arms.

The seat is designed for comfort during long-distance rides, without compromising the bike's sleek and sporty aesthetic.

Equipped with 300mm Beringer dual discs and six-piston calipers, the R100 offers exceptional stopping power and feel. Hydraulic brake and clutch master cylinders ensure precise control, complemented by ergonomic and intuitive switchgear designed to be easily operated even while wearing riding gloves.

The internally designed front suspension draws inspiration from 1970s Ceriani forks while integrating modern Öhlins technology. Offering three-way adjustable settings - compression, preload, and rebound.


Classical looking Smiths digital head units provide the rider with ultimate comfort and visibility. Modernized electric system provides encrypted Keyless Go function, Ping! Locating system and full control over the bike via smartphone and app.

Individuality Program

Every R100 we produce is customized to suit the preferences of the owner, with whom we collaborate closely to cover all available customization options.

Owners have the flexibility to select from various anodization options for brake calipers and hand controls, choose between a polished aluminum or multi-colored fuel tank, specify the color of pin striping, and determine the finish of the leather seat and handlebars. Additionally, we offer a range of surface coatings, including pure aluminum, chrome, nickel, and even genuine gold plating.

"With the reimagined R100, I have channeled decades of highs & lows, experience and attention to detail to create an instrument that speaks to the soul, it is the expression of what a no compromise single seater motorcycle should be - I hope it will speak to you as well"
Andres Uibomäe
Renard founder
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Orders & build inquiries

The bikes are available for scrutiny and test rides in select European dealerships. The initial series is limited to 21 units.
For availability, pricing and order book status, please contact:
Mr. Allan Kompus +372 505 7558



For press and general info please contact us via: Download Press Kit